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We are an interdisciplinary work team with knowledge in different electrical engineering subfields, which allows us to provide our customers with agile, collaborative, and engineering alternatives, providing an integral development of their projects.


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Measurement of phenomena inherent in the voltage waveform using ION devices to identify the value of the deviation of the instantaneous voltage.
Energy management seeks to optimize the use of energy, to achieve a rational and efficient use of it without reducing its performance level.
Monitoring, analysis, and recommendations for the implementation of solutions to improve the electrical systems' power quality.
Installation, configuration, secondary injection testing, and commissioning of Schneider Electric protection relays for different applications: generator, transformer, feeder and bay control, motor.
Elaboration of electrical studies for power flow, short circuit, protection coordination, electric arc, harmonics, grounding, shielding, insulation using specialized ETAP Software for the design and improvement of the performance and reliability of electrical systems.
Personalized advice to our Industrial Clients for full compliance with the new Measurement Code, Resolution CREG 038 of 2014.



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