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Measure Standardization

Personalized advice to our Industrial Clients for full compliance with the new Measurement Code, Resolution CREG 038 of 2014.

Included elements

  • Review of commercial borders for the information collection, considering the points described in the regulation
  • On-site meter calibration
  • Completion of the Commercial Border Verification Act
  • Analysis of energy consumption to search for better options in the energy trading market.
  • Supply of the necessary equipment for border adaptation, such as voltage and current transformers, energy meters, cabinets, among others.


  • Definition of the technical requirements that must be met by the components of the measurement system of our customers.
  • Survey of the status of the commercial border measurement system.
  • Five-year field drill with experts in energy measurement issues.
  • Supply of elements necessary for documentary and technical compliance of the measurement system.
  • Delivery of documentary support according to CREG 038 from 2014, Agreement 1043 from 2018, Circular 119 from 2014, among others.