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Electric Power Quality

Monitoring, analysis, and recommendations for the implementation of solutions to improve the electrical systems’ power quality.

Included elements

Analysis of the electrical variables through recorded data in the network analyzer, among them: steady-state voltage in magnitude and frequency, voltage events, currents, imbalances, reactive power, power factor, harmonic distortion of voltage and current, flickers. According to the customer’s request, either to find the root of a problem in the installation, to avoid penalties of the network operator, or to normalize the facility power quality, the analysis of the different electrical variables is made having in mind the regulations and reference standards, to finally generate the pertinent recommendations.


  • Power quality monitoring in the customer’s electrical systems using a class A network analyzer.
  • Advanced analysis of the recorded data of each variable for power quality such as voltage, frequency, transients, disbalances, harmonics, waveforms, among others; under regulations of national and international standards such as NTC 5001, IEC 61000-4-30, IEEE 1159, IEEE 519, CREG 015.
  • Dimensioning and implementation of solutions focused on the non-penalizable consumption of reactive power and the improvement of the electrical conditions of equipment and production processes.


  • Power Quality Studies.
  • Capacitor banks for inductive and capacitive reactive power compensation in electrical systems with low harmonic content.
  • Banks of harmonic and/or passive filters for reactive and harmonic compensation in electric systems with moderate harmonic content.
  • Schneider Electric AccuSine PCS+ active filters for harmonic mitigation, reactive and imbalances compensation in highly variable and non-linear electrical systems.
  • Schneider Electric AccuSine  PFV+ active compensators for reactive compensation and voltage control in electrical systems.
  • Reactances for tuning of capacitor banks.
  • Line reactances for harmonic reduction.
  • Diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of Schneider Electric capacitor banks, passive and active filters, and active compensators.