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Power Quality Measurement

Measurement of phenomena inherent in the voltage waveform using ION devices to identify the value of the deviation of the instantaneous voltage.

Included elements

Analysis of Power Quality information using ION devices, which are designed to comply with the regulation CREG024 of 2005 and CREG017 of 2005 whose manufacture is done under the standards to IEC 62586-1 / -2 as a power quality instrument (PQI), IEC 61000-4-30, and evaluation of power quality (PQ) parameters based on EN50160 and IEEE519 standards, with easy-to-understand pass/fail type results.

We include as an integral part of the solution the open architecture of the “EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert” software that supports industry-standard protocols and a wide range of Schneider Electric and third-party devices.


  • Intuitive and customizable web client interface with support for multiple languages.
  • Real-time monitoring through factory-defined display libraries to read the information of the measuring device.
  • Standard and advanced energy reports for consumption analysis and cost management.
  • Full WAGES support (water, compressed air, gas, electricity, and steam) through tools such as dashboards, reports, and real-time displays.
  • Management of predefined or personalized alarms.
  • Data logging on Microsoft SQL database (automatic configuration for native devices).


It allows Energy Companies in Colombia to have weekly information on consolidated readings of Power Quality, which will allow them to report weekly management indicators to the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission, according to resolution CREG024 of 2005.

It allows Energy Companies in Colombia to issue monthly SUI formats according to 20192200020155 guidelines, which consolidate the Power Quality indicators, to later be reported to the Unified Information System.

It allows our Industrial Customers to monitor in one place, all the information of Efficient Energy Management and Power Quality, including the different inputs necessary for the operation of their plant.